A work-in-progress timeline of major events in Rev Perry’s life.




  • 1965 – 1967 Rev Perry in the military
  • October 6, 1968 First service of MCC
  • 1969 the Parsonage
  • 1969 Bob Ennis became Rev Perry’s first secretary
  • 1969 Church in a Suitcase era
  • December 8, 1969 Los Angeles Times article


  • 1970 Return to the Encore Theater
  • March 3, 1971 Dedication of 22nd and Union church
  • 1972 Recording of One God
  • January 1973 Arson of 22nd and Union church
  • August 28 -
  • September 2, 1973 General Conference in Atlanta GA
  • 1975 Rev James Sandmire installed as pastor of MCCLA
  • October 6, 1978 10th Anniversary of MCCLA



  • February 1997 Technology Summit
  • July x – y, 1997 General Conference in Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • October 22, 1998 Matthew Shepard memorial at MCCLA – Rev Jesse Jackson participated


  • 2000 Millennium March on on Washington (DC)
  • February 8, 2003 Lazarus Award Dinner – Presbyterian
  • February 1, 2003 Morris Kight memorial service
  • March 15, 2003 Rev Willie Smith memorial service
  • May 1, 2005 Rev Troy Perry Day in West Hollywood
  • June 1, 2005 20th anniversary with Phillip De Blieck
  • June 28, 2005 CSW plaque on Hollywood Blvd
  • July xx – xx, 2005 General Conference in Calgary, ONT, Canada
  • Release of Troy Perry – Pastor and Prophet
  • October 9, 2005 Retirement Sunday
  • 2007 Call Me Troy – a documentary on Rev Perry’s Life


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  1. William Storm says:

    (I couldn’t leave this message at the contact page, the captcha code was not working)
    (Prayer request for those in despair)
    My brother’s wife died last November. He was outsourced from IBM after 25 years and had to care for her with no health insurance and no income. He finally had a nervous breakdown himself. Now that she is gone, he is consumed with grief. He has a social phobia disorder and has started drinking. Our mother just died in January. My sister is working to support both my brother and me. None of us is getting any younger (I’m 59). I just don’t know what to do for my brother except to pray and try to console him and keep him from drinking. There must be many people like me (and my brother) who are in despair. I am recovering myself from 3 years of a medication withdrawal and nearly lost my own faith because of it. I am still trying everything I can for my brother but I feel so hopeless. Our father was an alcoholic and for years I prayed for him to stop drinking. He eventually did but it was too late then. If Dr. Perry could pray at least once for my brother and for people like him I would be so relieved. I have trouble getting to church here in town because I have no car and can’t ride the bus. I will keep praying on this end, it seems like the the most powerful thing to do.

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