Thank You
Rev David Farrell


Few people know the full extent of contributions made by Rev David Farrell to the denomination.


Rev Perry credits Rev David with teaching him just how powerful the use of technology could be for the Fellowship.  It was Rev David who helped Rev Perry get started on the internet – specifically America Online – which he still calls “home” in cyberspace. 


After that, Rev David was the founding manager of the original UFMCC.ORG website, served for several years as its manager, and when it evolved into MCCCHURCH.ORG, he was still the manager.  Only recently has he retired and passed the baton of web manager on to Melanie Martinez. 


In other technology-related areas, Rev David was an integral part of the Jesus Geeks.  Back in ??, when Rev Perry called for a gathering of technology-savvy members of the Fellowship, Rev David was right there with us.  Our first meeting at UFMCC HQ in Los Angeles.  Again, at Sydney, when the Jesus Geeks had a breakfast meeting, Rev David was there.


Rev David and his partner of many years, Gil, have moved to Palm Springs.


During his many years of service to the denomination, Rev David wore many hats including District Coordinator of South West District as well as pastor of MCC San Diego from 19xx to 19xx.


As Rev Perry reminded us all in San Diego, at this year’s (2006) Pride services, Rev David also started World AIDS Day observations.  In the beginning it was a weekend prayer vigil – it has since become a world-wide observation reminding all of us of the need to remember, honor and pray for all who are HIV-impacted.


Rev David also traveled with Rev Perry on the Capital Campaign tour and participated in many fund-raising dinners.





Rev David at Rev Willie Smith's memorial, March 15, 2003.

Rev David was presented the John H Hose award at General Conference 2005 in Calgary, Canada.

For these and so many other contributions that helped make our denomination what it is today, as well as helping our founder become who he is today; Rev Perry deeply thanks Rev David Farrell.

At lunch in San Diego December 17, 2006

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Photos by Mark S Hahn