Mrs Edith Allen (Mom) Perry

1916 - 1989

From the dedication of his book: Don't Be Afraid Anymore:

"Dedicated to the loving memory of EDITH ALLEN PERRY (1916 - 1989), mother of Troy, Eugene, Jimmy, Jack, and Jerry, and "Mom" to thousands of her children in the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches."


"My brothers and I with our mother in 1954."
[From his book, Don't Be Afraid Anymore].

Mom Perry, far right, with Rev Jerri Ann Harvey, Rev Lee Carlton, Ted Sweet (Rev June Norris' nephew), Grandma Bessie Rudolph from the left.

Mom Perry at Westin Los Angeles, at the General Conference where Ed Asner spoke.


As part of her legacy, the Edith Allen Perry Award was created.

In 1997, at the General Conference in Sydney Australia, Rev June Norris received the Edith Allen Perry Award.


In 1999, at the General Conference in Los Angeles, it was presented to Betty Degeneres, mother of Ellen Degeneres.


In 2005, Linda Brock, mother of Rev Elder Lillie Brock, was presented with the Edith Allen Perry award, in Calgary, Canada


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Photos by Mark S Hahn