Rev Troy Perry at CSW's 41st Anniversary Parade

June 12, 2001

Rev Perry joined revelers on Santa Monica Boulevard for the 41st anniversary of the Christopher Street celebration, that he co-founded.   He was joined by his husband, Phillip De Blieck and his niece, Sheryl, visiting from Florida.

This year, Rev Perry sat and watched his first CSW parade.  He and his party sat at the corner of Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Blvds and enjoyed the entire event, from the kick-off by Women on Motorcycles (known to most of us as "Dykes on Bikes") until the very last float headed down the boulevard.  It was a truly enjoyable event for one and all.


As is his tradition, he arrived on the boulevard early, parking and then walking up Santa Monica Boulevard - to a restaurant where he had breakfast.  After breakfast, he, Phillip and Sheryl went to the TV booth (by the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) where they relaxed before the pre-show sound checks.  Mama was hosting the show.


During the sound check, he remembered some of the more colorful stories behind the founding of CSW and the first events.


On their way to the CSW tent, they ran into a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. 



Once at the tent, there were photo ops galore with many of the VIPs and celebrities who were present for the day's festivities:

Mr American Leatherman 2011



Photos by Mark S Hahn

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