From the Collection of Kristine Poggioli


"71 Double Wedding" - unknown female couple (Artie and Laurie?), with Rev James Sandmire and Jack Hubbs

"71 Wedding Artie Laurie", with Rev James Sandmire and Jack Hubbs

Rev Sandmire and Diane Feinstien (1970s)

Dean (Sandmire), ??, Revs Sandmire and Norris at Hollywood Pride (again, early 1970s)

George Moscone, Rev Sandmire, Milton Marks (1970s)

Revs Troy Perry and Jim Sandmire

(L to R): Rev Lee Carlton, Pat Underwood, Rev Troy, Sharon Cornelison and Rev Jim Sandmire


Two pictures from 2008 San Francisco Pride parade:

Rev Perry with Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikatani (Pride 2008)

Rev Perry and Phillip in the Pride Parade

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