Sunday Morning Worship: 9am and 11am
Anniversary Weekend - October 5, 2008

It was a beautiful event - lots of history present, and new folk as well.  Be sure to click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Rev Elder Troy and Rev Steve Swafford - pre-service briefing.

Rev Dr Cindi Love, Rev Elder Troy, and Rev Lee Carlton lined up outside, ready to process at 9am service.

Rev Elder Troy processing in

From left: Rev Elder Troy, Rev Elder Nancy, Rev Don Pederson, Rev Tim Hamilton, Rev Lee Carlton and front row: Rev Pat Langlois.

From the dedication of the building, Rev Elder Troy and Rev Alejandro Escoto blessed the fellowship hall, with the cornerstone (at 9am and 11am).

Rev Perry recessing from 9am (with Rev Elder Nancy in the background)

Jack Hubbs (front left), Pam Fairbanks (back), Rev Dr Cindi Love, Rev Lee Carlton, Rev Steve Pieters.

From the homepage: most of the pastors of MCCLA: Rev Elder Troy Perry, Rev Elder Nancy Wilson, Rev Lee Carlton, Rev Don Pederson, Rev Neil Thomas.

A closer up of Rev Elder Troy and Rev Lee

Rev Elder Troy, leaving 11am service

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Photos by Mark S Hahn