Los Angeles Sneak Previews
November 17, 2007


It was a cold and rainy night - a good night to be inside an MCC, watching the LA Sneak Previews of Call Me Troy!


MCCLA (with Rev Troy and Phillip) hosted Larry as he chatted with attendees before the screening.  Many of MCCLA's long-time members came as well as new faces.  A surprise visit by Rev Pat Langlois, Steph and Baby Maya made the evening even more special.

Let the film roll!

MCC In The Valley

Rev Bob Goss and MCC in the Valley hosted Scott and the film.  There was much conversation and reminiscing by attendees afterwards.


Remember to contact Scott at Tragoidia@aol.com for more details or to arrange for a showing of the film at your church or even. - and send your photographs to webster@revtroyperry.org.  We give photo credit!

Photos by Mark S Hahn

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