Call Me Troy
March 24, 2007

On a quiet evening in North Hollywood, Scott Bloom and his partner Larry hosted an evening buffet to introduce the trailer for the documentary-in-progress: Call Me Troy.  Click here to see the trailer video on You Tube.

Among the guests was Greg Louganis, Olympic gold medalist.

It was a very pleasant event with great food, fabulous people and lively conversation.

Phillip hitting the fruit salad.

Chatting before the trailer

Scott introducing the trailer

Watching the trailer

Watching the trailer

Scott and Rev Perry discussing the project after the trailer


Afterwards, Rev Perry told some of the
history behind the clips shown in the trailer.

More discussion

Host Larry and Greg

The whole gang from the event.

Frank Zerilli, Greg Louganis, Rev Perry and Phillip De Blieck


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Photos by Mark S Hahn