Continuing the service for
Rev Joseph Gilbert

I've mislocated my program and need help identifying some of the participants.  Any help will be appreciated: Email webster

Rev B.J. (Beau) McDaniel from Daytona Beach, FL

Rev June Norris

Ms. Linda Gibbins-Croft

Rev Paul Breton

Rev John Gill then invited testimonials from those assembled.

Rev June Norris spoke

Mr Al Smithson showed us the very first issue of The Prodigal, MCC San Diego's first newsletter, edited by Rev Joseph.  He told us about its justified right margin - before computers and Microsoft Word's 1-button justify.

His brother, David Gilbert, spoke.


Rev Perry shared memories.



Rev Paul Breton reminisced.

Linda had a story or two.

Rev Mark Beckett shared some memories.

Rev Elder Darlene and Rev BJ McDaniel celebrated communion.


Rev Barbara Haynes delivered the benediction.

Rev John Gill invited us to take a piece of Rev Joseph memorabilia home with us - at his request.


After the service, Rev Perry joined Rev David Farrell and Gil for lunch (and another round of picture taking).

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Photos by Mark S Hahn