Rev Troy Perry Leads Memorial Service for
Jimmi Irving
at MCCLA - September 30, 2006


The celebration of Jimmi's life started at MCCLA just about 3pm.  (JD) Sebastian played a moving piano prelude before Rev Mark Elias (founder and pastor of Calvary Open Door Worship Center) delivered the invocation.  Franklin Calvin brought us greetings and was followed by a Musical Selection from a trio (John Logan, Roger Owens, and MCCLA music director Mark) and Lucia Chappelle reading Scripture.  Roger Hardesty and Ron Price, both close musical colleagues of Jimmi then provided a powerful musical selection - and a PowerPoint presentation of Jimmi's life was shown.  The Dave Weston Singers delivered a resolution honoring Jimmi.  Rev Barbara Haynes read a poem and sang.  She was followed by Rev Perry's Eulogy.  But there was a surprise ... just before Rev Perry's eulogy, Jimmi's brother, his daughter and her daughter who were in from Chicago, spoke a few words.  After Rev Perry's eulogy, which was peppered with many fun stories and fond memories of the 37+ years of their friendship, Jane Syftestad played a stirring musical selection.  Deacon John Logan delivered the prayer for the journey.  After this wonderful 2 hour service, we all moved upstairs for a delightful meal and time of sharing.

The denomination also issued an Obituary that you may wish to read.

And now, the pictures:

Sebastian playing the prelude

Rev Mark Elias delivering the invocation

Mr Franklin Calvin bringing greetings

John, Roger and Mark singing a wonderful selection

Lucia Chappelle reading scripture

Ron and Roger's musical offering

One of the Dave Weston singers delivering the resolution.

Rev Barbara Haynes reading poem before her song

Rev Barbara SINGING!!

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Photos by Mark S Hahn