MCCLA Dedication
 - 11th and Hill St -


Starting in the front from left to right,(Of course, thatís Willie way in front) Fred Conwell, Pat Nugent, Brenda Hunt, Roy Birchard, June Norris, Don Pederson, Lee Carlton, John Gill, Bud Bunce, Paul Van Hecke, Earl Schmidt, Steve Regalado, Al DeLabio and then Jimmi

In the back is Jim Sandmire, Troy, Freda Smith, Papa John Hose, then Joseph Gilbert and Richard Ploen. 

The choir is harder. I think thatís Tom Ewing on the end in the front, Mary Leiser Williams is 5th from left, two down is Mike Venegas, then Brenda Cromartie, Lucia and Jane Carl.  The second row, I donít recognize the first person, the 2nd is Ron Smith, skip to the 6th person, thatís Smitty, then Steve Jordan, Dave Richards and then John Logan.  The last row, the only person I recognize is the third one, thatís Mike.

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