Mr Robert Ennis, Rev Perry's First Secretary

Bob staffing his IBM electric typewriter - 1969

Bob and Rev June Norris, ?? in foreground - at Opening Service General Conference 1999, Los Angeles

Bob with Mark Hahn (left) and Eric Buter (right), both being long-standing friends at General Conference 1999


"Robert Ennis, my first administrative assistant, passed away yesterday, December 12, 2007.  He was a long-time and very faithful friend.

Robert first walked into MCC many years ago, in Huntington Park, and said 'You can't afford me, but I'll work for you as a volunteer until you can pay me'.  He was my longest personal assistant until Frank Zerilli came.  Bob brought with him a professionalism that set the standard for all who followed him. 

He was one of the first African Americans to join MCC and will be sorely missed by me and by MCCers around the world.

I want to acknowledge the support that was given to Bob during his final years by Mike Steen and Eric Buter of MCCLA and Mark Hahn of Christ Chapel MCC.

Memorial service details will be announced as soon as they are available."

Brunch with Bob Ennis - January 27, 2007

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