Church in a Suitcase

MCC's Search for a Church

From the beginning of MCC, a major goal has been to locate a permanent sanctuary in which we can worship God according to the dictates of our conscience.

During our first year we moved often, sometimes because we had outgrown the location, sometimes we were asked to move for some reason or another.  The Congregation was kept alert and curious where we'd meet next.  We kept saying "You have to attend every Sunday for sure, to know where we'd be the following Sunday.  If you don't come, we may move, and we'll lose you because you won't know where we are."

During our first year we met in five different locations:

The Pink House

Church services were held in Huntington Park, in the home of Rev Perry and Mr Willie Smith starting October 6, 1968.

The Women's Club

Services were held in this Spanish style auditorium in Huntington Park beginning December 2, 1968 and happily continue through Easter and the May festival to May 25, 1969.

Embassy Auditorium

We moved to downtown Los Angeles on June 1, 1969.  Centrally located, just off the Harbor Freeway, it made greater attendance possible.

First Methodist Church

We met there two weeks, July 6th and 13th, two blocks from the Embassy.

Encore Theater

July 20th we moved to the Hollywood area, where on our first anniversary, we still meet.


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Text and photos taken from an article published on our first anniversary. 
Photographer and author unknown.