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Rev. Dr. Cindi Love


The MCC Oral History Project and Timeline


A Message from

Rev. Dr. Cindi Love

MCC Executive Director


Dear MCC Friend:


As part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Metropolitan Community Churches on October 6, 2008, a historical timeline with narrative and oral histories is under development to share many of the important events in MCC's history as a movement, ministry and community.


I'm pleased to invite you to participate in this historical project documenting the amazing impact of Metropolitan Community Churches over the past four decades.


How Can You Participate In This MCC Oral History Project and Timeline?


There are two ways you can take part in this MCC history project.


OPTION 1: You can complete your oral history at General Conference in Scottsdale. If you will be at General Conference, you can schedule your oral history interview on-site for incorporation into our virtual archives on-line at www.MCCchurch.org.


Your oral history will be taken either by recorder or in-person by MCC staff members Angel Collie and Rev. Karla Fleshman and a team of volunteers, and then transcribed by Frank Zerilli. We will be limited in the number of interviews we can complete on-site during Conference, so please sign-up early by writing to Angel Collie at  and he will schedule your interview.


These person-to-person interviews will take place on July 2, 2007, from 8 AM to 5 PM, and again during the breakfast hour on Wednesday, July 4, and again on Friday, July 6. During these hours, recorders will also be available for you to enter your responses to the interview questions. If you choose to record your interview, you will be asked to fill out a short form before you begin your name, address, telephone number and e-mail. This form will be numbered. When you begin recording your interview, state your name, address and telephone number before you begin to answer questions and tell your memories. State the number on your form and then you will begin. We hope to photograph or videograph as many individuals as possible during the person-to-person interviews.


This timeline will be displayed on large boards at the 2007 General Conference site at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona. We invite you to the display area and fill out cards with memories for each year and attach them to the boards. You may also bring 3x5 cards with memories typed on them and place them on the board. We will scan these for publication on the archive site.


OPTION 2: Alternately, you can complete your history on-line by CLICKING HERE. We would very much appreciate receipt of as many of these as possible before General Conference begins on July 2, 2007. By completing your history on-line, you'll be free to visit the archive room, but you won't need to spend time completing the interview at conference.


What's Included In The MCC Oral History Project and Timeline?


The narrative and oral histories begin in 1968 and proceed to the present. We ask that interviewees and survey respondents attempt to "attach" a memory to a year whenever possible.


For example, in completing my history, I would choose 1996 as the year I discovered Metropolitan Community Churches in Milwaukee and 1998 as the year that I joined Exodus MCC in Abilene, Texas. I attended my first General Conference in 2003 in Dallas, my second in 2005. I remember meeting Troy Perry for the first time in 2003.


These are the questions to which interviewees and survey respondents are asked to respond:


- What is your legal name?
- What do you like to be called by your friends and family?
- Where were you born?
- What place do you call "home?"
- If you have a life-partner or spouse, do you wish to name them in this interview?
- If so, please fill in the blank.________________
- If you answered yes to # 5, do you celebrate an anniversary? YES/NO
- If yes, you may choose to provide the date of your anniversary in this blank:
- Did you grow up in a church? If yes, which one? (Fill in the blank)
- When did you first discover Metropolitan Community Churches? (Please fill in year)
- How did you hear about MCC? Friend, family, advertising, Troys book, other
________________Please describe
- Describe your first visit to MCC. Please include the churchs name.
- How many years have you belonged to a MCC? (If applicable)
- Who preached the sermon that youve never forgotten?__________
- Do you remember the name of the sermon? ____________________
- Where were you when you heard it?_________________________
- Who influenced you the most in MCC?
- Describe how this person influenced you.
- If you attend a MCC now, please give its name.
- What do you like best about your local church? (If applicable)
- What do you like best about the movement, ministry and community of MCC?
- What was the moment when you felt most proud to be a member of MCC?
- Have you attended a General Conference? Yes/no
- Tell how many you have attended. ____ (#)
- What do you like best about General Conferences?
- What do you remember about the Inclusive (Including) Language Project?
- What do you remember about the ordination of women and people of color?
- What do you remember about the beginning of ministry to transgender persons?
- What do you remember about the first childrens ministry in your MCC?
- What do you remember about MCC ministry during the beginning of the AIDS pandemic?
- Please include any other memory that you wish to share.


You can omit any question that you do not wish to answer. We do ask that you honor the limitations on length of response so we can ensure enough space to include everyone in the final publication on-line.


Thank you so much for participating in this MCC Oral History Project and Timeline.


I have provided a rudimentary timeline below to help you think of memories that you want to include. We know we wont capture everything that is considered important, but we hope you will help us build a rich history for the next generation of MCCers to enjoy.


Blessings and Peace,


Rev. Dr. Cindi Love

Executive Director

Metropolitan Community Churches




P.S. Why not begin your participation in the MCC Oral History Project and Timeline right now? To schedule an interview at General Conference, write to AngelCollie@MCCchurch.net. Or to complete your survey on-line, CLICK HERE