Recollections from Second Service - 1968


I have not been in contact with Rev. Perry for many years but I do remember the early days of  his ministry with MCC.  I attended the second and subsequent services in his home in Huntington Park CA.  Two very good friends of mine, Walt and Arnold (both now deceased), from Long Beach, had taken me to this second service.  There was no instrument to accompany hymn singing at this service.  Walt and Arnold donated an old pump organ for use for a short time, which I played, I believe up until the time the church moved to the Huntington Park Women's Club.  I played for a very short time at the Women's Club.

Troy and his mother were invited on several occasions to Walt and Arnold's home in Long Beach for dinner.  I was present on some of those occasions.

I was truly blessed at a New Year's Eve service which I believe was at the Hill Street location, probably around 1975.  It was a joyous evening for all.

I also was a friend of Rev. Lou Loynes (dec'd) and his partner, Lee Rubio.

I retired in California in 1990 and am now living in PA.  I have attended services a few times at MCC in Pittsburgh, where my cousin, Rev. Roberta Dunn was (and may still be) pastor.

Please give my regards to Troy.


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