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Rev. Troy D. Perry
Rev Perry in his red vestments

4/20/14 – Phillip and I wish everyone a blessed Easter Holiday.
(Photos from visit to Founders MCC for Easter are here) 

Gifted preacher, pastor,
public speaker, and Founder of
Metropolitan Community Churches

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After 37 years of life changing and world changing ministry, Rev Elder Dr Troy Rye Perry retired from his role as moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches in 2005.  But not from his roles of preaching, public speaking and striving for social justice for GLBT people and all people around the world.

During his time as moderator of the denomination he met with many world leaders.  Among them Archbishop Desmond Tutu and three of the currently seated Presidents of the United States.  He has been invited to the White House by President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama.

Welcome to Rev Perry’s website, where we will explore the past, present and future of this exciting world leader’s life, through photographs, recordings, stories and ongoing events.

Rev Perry and Phillip

Photo by Phillip De Blieck

A photo of Rev Perry and his husband, Phillip Ray De Blieck. They were married in Canada, 2003.

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